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4) Online dating gives you a better opportunity to get to know each other before getting too serious. The process of Online dating is usually a little slower than when you meet someone in person, but the slowness of the process makes you learn more about the person. Their likes and dislikes, interests, and their simple ability to have a decent conversation.

Typically, two people will communicate via the dating service, eventually talk on the phone, and then at some point, make a date to meet in person.  All of this takes time so you have the chance to learn more about a person than what you would learn from in-person dating.

5) You can online date wearing whatever makes you the most comfortable. Instead of having to get all dressed up to head out to meet someone, you can relax in your favorite pair of pj's and flirt online. Just imagine sorting through various profiles and photos without having to go to all the fuss of dressing up, which is exactly one of the benefits of   Online dating. This comfortable environment also lends itself to more honest interaction rather than the pretentious environment that can sometimes occupy some social scenes.

6) Online dating gives you more options to choose from. Where can you go that there are, depending on your location, thousands of single people to choose from and you have to the chance to talk to anyone you want? Dallas Personals Craigslist Not many places. With the user base of most Online dating services being very fluid, there will always be a large base to choose from and increases the odds of finding your potential match.

 On the downside, many Online dating services do not do a very good job of cleaning up inactive members, therefore you may spend time searching through profiles of people who are no longer on the market. No big deal, just cost you a couple of clicks and a few moments of your time.

7) Online dating services lets you search as narrow or as wide a criteria as you choose. This makes the possibilities endless. You can narrow your search to find people that fit into the small framework of what you think the person you want to spend the rest of life fits in. Or you can make it as broad as you want, meeting people of different age groups, ethnic groups, religious groups, hobby groups, and so on.

Therefore, if you are elderly and looking for a companion, you can choose an Online dating service that focuses solely on making connections for people in your age group. If you love to snow ski, travel, or some other activity, there are dating services designed so people with these same interests can come together. You make the call.