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Bucking the no frills trend of the current crop of dating websites, some free dating sites are taking advantage of the online dating rush by trying to outdo paid sites. They are also trying to distinguish themselves from other dating websites by offering certain features that are usually reserved for paying sites.

The latest stats and data projections also tend to indicate a twiddling away of paid market share and rising figures for non-paid sites. This data also appears to show that singles are gravitating towards sites with better results and abandoning those sites that try to charm them with nothing but bells and whistles.

Some websites are capitalizing on the new wave of technologies in an effort to further differentiate themselves from their counterparts. Many have rolled out cool Avatars, and added other recent tech to make live chat even more functional. This is important for two reasons. First, young women normally do well in a chat room environment. They comprise the majority of the market, and that market share isn't going anywhere but up.

Second, traditionally non-savvy singles are also joining the ranks of free online dating sites, and in terms of enterprise demand, they come in a close second. According to the latest census, over four-fifths of all adults aged 25 Craigslist Personals Dallas and older had completed at least high school, and one in four adults held a bachelor's degree or higher. What that means is that singles are definitely becoming more internet savvy in order to be able to navigate themselves into the dating game.

Beyond the numbers of web users, free online dating trends and demographics, online dating has proven to be a very cost effective way of meeting new people. Singles have taken notice of their fiscal reality, and the savings of free memberships compared to gambling a hundred bucks on drinks alone are just very appealing.